August 16


ITX 2023-24
just for lulz: Intel nuc 12 enthusiast
OR NUC 13 Extreme (locked to i5/i7/i9 but custom up to 313mm 3-slot 400W GPUs)

Cringe furry option: Thermaltake Core V1 276 x 260 x 316 (Max ~260mm GPU?) no dust filters -

KXRORS S300 (max 305mm) - SSUPD Meshroom D, max 330mm GPU, will stick out of the kallax because of this

NZXT H1 - 320mm GPU - tallest - wont fit in IKEA KALLAX

6600? 6650xt? cheapest ~6k
4060? absolute lowest tgp/temp + RT perf + DLSS ~8-11k
^ 8GB is VERY LOW (below ps5/xbox)

6700 - 7500 in alza
6700xt 12GB ~10k Kč ? balance betw tgp (around 4070, 300w full draw), price (lower than 4070 and just below 4060 ti) and perf (below 4060 in both 1080 and 1440 ti :((), RT only at 1080 :(
4070 ~16k but better power and rt than 67””
A770 ~10k balance but requires dxvk for all old games.

Wait for 7700? likely fall 2023 with lower tgp and potentially better rt than 6700


Corsair MP600 PRO LPX ~120eur
980pro/990pro ~200

Monitor - 22000 czk good stand, color and speakers - 10k - budget option